Son of Out and About

Something about the Fall and the plethora of events available…

This past weekend there was a McSweeny’s reading, a Zine festival and a combined silkscreen/beer event. (Along with one set of rents visiting!) Unfortunately, I only got to get to the Zine festival,  so, check the pics, if you are so inclined.

Other stuff:

Congrats to Josh Cotter and his Driven by Lemons being nominated as a Best of 2009 by Publishers Weekly. Very cool, in that I wish Josh the best that can happen. If I had to guess, I’d say the book should be in better LCSs on 11/18? You can check any number of places for shipping lists, and we’ll hopefully announce for certain on the twit, once we confirm.

That said, Pope Hats #1 is for sure in your better LCS on 11/11 in the US and 11/12 in some parts of the Great White North. (If your LCS doesn’t order our comics, you can always order from us.)

It looks like we’ll have THE BIGGEST SALE WE’VE EVER HAD sometime in the beginning of December. We’ll be sure to announce it here and other places when it goes live.

Stumbled (virtually) upon a new store in Norfolk called Local Heroes. Hope to stop by and check them out the next time I’m down there. Thanks to Todd Webb for the headsup.

Traditional Comics is up and running. One of my fave publishers… ever!

James Jean is on tour around the world. Clicky for the deats!

Many moons ago, our friends at the Dollar Bin interviewed Fred, Josh and Lamar at SPX. Thanks!

Afrodisiac is being printed as you read this. You can being informed of it, and other Jim Rugg stuffage at his new blog.

Publisher as a young fanboy.

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