TCAF 2010

Was awesome. It gets better every year. And THAT is saying something.

As Josh shows, it was a happy place. What follows are a few random thoughts generated the day after a long-ass haul back from the TO. (So, that’s just a disclaimery way of saying, I love you all, but if I forgot to mention you, it’s because my memory is gone.)

First off, what a pleasure it was to travel with Dustin, Matt and Jim. Gave us lots of time to wax philosophical and discuss farts. Or something. These guys are the best, and if you don’t know them or support them, then you should check them out. But if you’re reading this, you’re probably cool, and already know them…

Probably the most exciting new thing I found was Koyama Press. Anne was a treat to meet! I had heard of them before I got there, but to see their books in person was fantastic. Kudos on the DW Award!

Speaking of Josh (above), he’s got some sweet new art stuff happening. I’m excited for him. You do know about his new site, right?

It was grand to see Joey Weiser. His CAVEMEN IN SPACE should be in shops VERY soon! (It looks like it will debut 5/12/10!)

Warnock is always fantastic to see. We hung the most at the afterparty where he shared his son’s Teen Titans sketchbook. (droool.)

Also at the afterP I got to hang with Salgood Sam for a long time. Very interesting. and NICE!

Gina G. was there, too. Hand claps all around for her hard work organizing the panels.

Joe Lambert (Is he one of the hardest working cartoonists?) was at TCAF and started a new sketchbook as well. I helped him try and figure out how to spell Colossus. Both mine and Josh’s attempts were wrong. Of course, Jim got it right. The sketches I saw were OFF THE HOOK.

We had lots of food journeys. The pics are here.

I missed both K&S M&M. We were only a room away, but never saw each other. 🙁

Did I tell you Jay Stephens made the trip? For me. He made the trip for me. First off, he recognized me. Not sure why I didn’t think he would, but anyways. Second off, he had some new stuff. Yay!

Also, Karl’s Christopher Charles was one of things I promised myself I would get. Promise kept, and boy howdy does it look beautiful.

Andy from Conundrum was a nice neighbor. You always enjoy a show if you can do the hustle and not step on too many toes.

I learned how to pronounce Tom Scioli’s name. Now watch me mis-spell it from here to eternity.

Jim really wanted to check out that EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP flick, so we did that. It was cool in that I hadn’t been to the movies in forever, and then it gave us something to think/talk about afterward.

OK… I guess that’s all I can think of right now. So…

In closing, a BIG, BIG LOVE to Peter, Christopher, Nathalie and all the volunteers who made this TCAF the very best yet.. which is saying something! You all rock!

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