Introducing: AdDistro

AdHouse Books is pleased to announce the addition of AdDistro to their business model. (heh. Like we HAVE a business model!)

So, I bet you’re wondering what is AdDistro?

It’s the befriending of “like” publishers and creators whose work we appreciate. And by befriending,  it means that we’ve purchased copies of their work so that you, the reader, can now obtain even MORE quality publications in one easy to use location. (ie: AdHouse Books.) Our initial offering of work focuses on some of the harder to obtain material, from people like:

Nobrow Press.
Nobrow Press, based in London UK, is all about publishing beautiful tactile illustrated books. We work with a wide range of illustrators and artists from around the world to produce image based publications from comic books and graphic novellas to artist’s monographs and illustration journals. Our production methods combine the best materials with the most interesting printing methods often inspired by the illustrated books of yesteryear.

Koyama Press.
Koyama Press was founded in 2007 to sponsor projects with emerging artists. The rationale behind the enterprise is to fund a project with the intention to promote the artist. Ideally there will be a product to sell to create revenue. In addition to publishing books, the company has financed such diverse projects as zines, comics, artist designed t-shirts, installations, photo montage work, print folios, letterpress cards. The venture has covered travel costs, reference materials, art supplies and the odd lunch.

Malachi Ward.
I’ll be honest. I didn’t know Malachi’s work until a few weeks ago. I was introduced to it by a suggestion of a comic retailer friend. And, boy, I’m glad I was. His work is solid comic storytelling, with a hint of sci-fi.

So, if you’re not going to Comicon this year, why not create your OWN comicon. Purchase some of these outstanding works (along with some AdHouse goodness of course) and then proceed to roll around on them in the safety of your own home. You’ll be so glad that you did.

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