The Small Press Expo. Oof.

Traditions…. TRADITION!

It’s funny how we find ourselves in traditions. So, one tradition ad AdCentral is to poop out a report of sorts after every show. Well, here it is, but it’s going to be a minute one. We are burnt! Not sure if it’s having two shows (Baltimore) so close together, or what, but I feel like I went 8 rounds with SPX, and they had me against the ropes. But that’s a GOOD thing!

Other traditions… It was nice to walk the show Sunday morning with JCC. We see things that we point out to each other. Make jokes. Y’know… just hang. We don’t live near each other, so we really only get to see each other at these funny book gatherings. Also great to see Mr. Phil Jackson. I should probably marry these guys.

Ignatzes! That’s a tradition, right? I was pleased with the winners. Or, I should say that most of the ones I voted for won. Pals like Jim Rugg and Mike Dawson winning bricks is awesome.

I broke a promise to myself. I vowed to never bring a book to a show to get it signed. I brought Kevin’s new Wild Kingdom, though. It was small. Figured I get more of a chance at SPX to get it signed. Nice to chat with him, even though I interrupted him eating. Sorry.

New thing: Adam Hines. It’s weird when you work with someone without ever having a chance to meet them. That was the case with Adam. I didn’t get to actually meet the guy face to face until he was at his first SPX and the book was done. Adam is so cool. His book is awesome and he is awesome. I look forward to doing the APE with this guy!

New thing: Square. As Scott Morse predicted, it would make us a rockstar. This thing is awesome. We can’t wait to tackle their home turf of APE with it. Viva la Tech!

New thing: Dustin Harbin’s Diary Comics… Woah. It is HUGE. We’ll have them for sale later on this week as part of the AdDistro thang.

As always, it’s great to see Lamar. I JUST remembered I meant to ask him something. Doh! Email sent. Also, good to see Jamie Tanner, Joey Weiser, Michael Cho, Tom Devlin, Dan Nadel, Chris Staros, Tom DeHaven… See, this is a path I shouldn’t take. I know I’ll just forget someone’s name and make them not too fond of me. And I WANT to be popular.

OK. I know there is a TON of stuff I could talk about in regards to this show, but I’m just going to let you wonder. Pics if you’re interested, and follow my tweets to see what other gems might escape. I’d talk more, but I’m slammed this week. Lots going on.

Thanks to all the peeps who came out and met with us and to the SPX crew for all their hard work. It IS apprecaited!

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