Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m sort of a bibliophile. A lover of books. Granted, most of them are dedicated to the sequential arts (I’m looking at YOU Dharbin!) but sometimes a book comes along that just wows me for being itself. I give you…


I found this at a yard sale a few weeks back. Given the years and storage, it’s got that nice “patina” of mustyness that any old book not properly stored will have. I haven’t really done any “hard” research into the origins of this book. From what I can tell, it was a sales tool used to exclaim the wonders of steel and a design program that a steel company created.

At some point Roland Stock must have owned this book. His handwriting makes me wonder if he was a draftsman? He wasn’t subtle about his ownership was he?

But like anything, what really caught my eye was the illustrations:

Update: After a tweet-suggestion as to who the illustrator was, I put a fine eye to the illustrations. It’s none other than Syd Mead. While I originally thought it might have been a copy cat, it’s cool to find out it’s the actual Mead.

Those keen of eye will also notice a pretty cool design trick used with the die-cut:

And further tricks used later in the book include another die-cut and fold out drawing:

So, thanks Perspective! You made my day when I found you. You probably only cost a buck, given we also bought some stinky magazines and some weird candy logo sheets for a grand total of $6. I need to write my name big and bold within your pages!

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