Ook Ook Ook.

Yep, it’s a coming. APE!

I was trying to do the math, and I think the last APE I attended was back in 2007. So, here we come to fill your hearts and minds with all types of AdHouse Goodness. Some deats about APE 2010 and AdHouse…

Official Site of the show. Dates are October 16 & 17 at the Concourse in SF, CA.
(Note: The entrance this year is on the OTHER side of the concourse.)

We’ll be tabling with our good bud Scott Morse. So, look for us in the 33o area. Also, Adam Hines will be making his first APE appearance. Swing by and see why PWComicsWeek has said Duncan the Wonder Dog is their pick for book of the year.

We’ll have exactly ONE advance copy of the new Josh Cotter book Babs in the Sky with Neil Diamonds for people to peruse.

We’ll have just a few of the NoBrow editions with us. Our good bud’s at Last Gasp are also a distributor, so I’m sure they’ll have lots as well.

Other tables you should visit while at APE: Koyama Press. Dustin HarbinBumperboy. And all types of other great things that you might stumble upon.

Here’s hoping the Giants are still in it so we can do some celebrating in the city!

Hope all you leftcoasters can make it out to the show. We’re looking forward to seeing you!

And, as a reminder, any orders placed in the AdStore will be fulfilled the following weekend. Just sayin.

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