Dan Zettwoch: Mini King.

I had the utmost pleasure of reading Tel-Tales #1 last night. It’s Dan Zettwoch’s newest mini that he handed me at APE.

This morning I came to the conclusion that Dan Zettwoch is, in my mind, THE Mini King. (Sorry, Vini.)

Before I get into the details of Tel-Tales #1, I guess I should step back and explain why I think this, and what I define as a “mini.”

To me, a mini is any publication that is hand assembled and printed by either copier, laser/inkjet printer, or serigraphy. You could also get into having quantity produced be a factor, but then the hairs do tend to split. Why do I consider Dan the King of them? Production values, baby. He blew my mind with Iron Clad. I can’t find any record of what it cost when it first came out, but I have to feel it was $2, or $3. That’s another good point with minis, affordability. Tel-Tales #1? $3 freakin’ dollars.

OK. Let’s get to some of the amazing things about Tel-Tales #1.

First off, he wrote it with his Dad.. who goes by Toots. (If that isn’t enough, I don’t know what is.) Secondly, the cover is a 2-C silkscreen on a AT-T/Bell Systems punchcard! And… the mini is ABOUT AT-T/Bell Systems!

The backcover has a great weird micro-fiche type of image embedded with iconic imagery that recalls the Oddfellows or Masons. There’s probably details about this in the mini, but I don’t have it in front of me at this moment.

The insides tell the story of how the phone company would use certain equipment (the <*> 8Board <*>) to find problems in the lines. I found this very interesting since my father-in-law use to work for the phone company. And, low and behold, 1/2 way through the comic and we get a beautiful Zettwoch fold out!

The story continues and ends with a nice hook. But one of the other beautiful touches are the endpages that capture the architectural details of the AT-T Building.

Do yourself a favor and purchase this great comic! I really hope this line continues as I look forward to reading more by Toots and Dan!

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