Yowza! What a show!

Here’s some reportage of our view of the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival…

Got in on Friday to have some NYC fun before heading out to the show. Our dinner plans got smaller as some guests couldn’t make it, so it just ended up being TW, myself and Annie Koyama. I’ll just say it, just like others have, I love Annie Koyama. What a nice lady. It was cool to be able to “talk shop” with someone and compare notes. Also cool to get a pot of Pickles! But the Deviled Eggs were do die for!

Got up Saturday and took the subway, which was fairly easy. Thanks Iphone! Didn’t have to get any name tags or nuthin… why? Because the show is FREE!!! That’s right. People don’t have to pay to come in and see all these great works of art. I’m sure that’s one reason the Brooklyn Cowboy showed up. Heck. I don’t know. He probably just wanted to talk to Jim Rugg. But I digress…

So, set up went fairly quick since I had such great help as Josh Cotter and Momo. I think I heard Josh say “Just let Pitzer do his thing and stay out of his way.” or something like that. Heh. He KNOWS me. I dug the space. I told more than a few people it was nostalgic for me. My dad use to take me to his basketball games when I was a kid.

Since it IS the time of gift giving, I gave TW a list ala Santa. Since I’ve been good, I asked for one signed X’ED OUT, GAYLORD PHOENIX and ?. The “?” ended up being Leanne Shapton’s new Tree Book from D&Q. I’ve dug Leanne’s stuff ever since I found the first illustrated J&L across the street from the Beguiling. It was nice to finally meet her and gush a bit.

I also got a chance to talk shop with her “boss” Chris Oliveros for a bit. That hasn’t happened in a long time, so that was nice. I was going to ask if he remembered the pitch I sent him when I was an aspiring “graphic artist” but didn’t think it was the right place or time. I also got to meet Julie from the 211. We had just talked on the phone in regards to some AdDistro stuff, so it was cool to put a face to a voice. I have to visit Montreal at some point. (They’ll be getting a Nobrow shipment VERY soon!)

AsiaDogs! I finally got to eat some! Didn’t get any pics… sorry! But very nice people, and great tasting product!

The show was INSANELY busy. There were times when you felt you were having a mild panic attack because so many people were wanting to purchase things! Things like the Nobrow. They were very popular. I only had one left ala the cheese. (standing alone). I also saw so many people I hadn’t really seen in a while. But never got to talk to them!

Sold my final Project: Telstar poster that I found before heading up there. Some kid wanted it, and the mom got it for him. Nice. Josh Cotter was a trooper for the show. Probably the most excited I saw him was when Matt Groening purchased some of his books. Gabe was right in that people were still coming into the show into the late hours. Makes sense. I’ve just never been part of something like that.

The quality of things that people handed me was on the higher end, too. Not sure what that says, or doesn’t say.

I worked the table most of the show. TW did get to take in two program/panels. I think she enjoyed them. One was Lynda Barry and the other was the Nancy one. I wish I had the energy to go out with my Brooklyn peeps after the show, but I was way tired. Sorry…

Sunday came and TW and I did some of the NYC Xmasy stuff and then headed back to RVA! A quick show, yes? But FREAKIN’ NICE! Thanks everyone!!!

Oh… here’s some more pics if needed.

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