Read the entire Eisner-Nominated Afrodisiac online for FREE

The creators and publisher of Afrodisiac were very excited to learn of their Eisner nomination for Best Humor Publication. Unfortunately, the book is currently between printings. To ensure that every possible Eisner Award voter has all of the necessary information to cast their ballot in a responsible and educated manner, we have decided to put the entire book online for FREE.

So, please take a moment or two to give Afrodisiac a read. We hope you will find the experience amusing, profound, and ultimately life-changing (link to vote coming soon!). Be sure to tell your friends and family about this experience so that they may share in your joy and good fortune. And look for a new printing this Fall. — Your pals in comics, Brian, Jim and Chris

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  1. Zack Soto says:

    […] The book is currently out of print, read the whole thing for free here! […]

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