FLUKE Report!

OK.. not sure how long this will be, but I wanted to poop out a report about the great show I just visited this past weekend… FLUKE!

A bit of history… this was their 10th show. This is my 9th year. The numbers aligned that said, I should make the trip. My understanding of FLUKE is that it was always a smallish show with a DIY feel that was held in bars around Athens, GA. So, with all that said, I had to wonder if the trip would be worth it.


Oh, my gawd, what a fantastic time was had. So, on with the report!

Another reason to attend? Friends. I knew a bunch of them were going, so that kind of makes the trip worthwhile. My main-man for this one would be Dustin Harbin, as he allowed me to pick-him up in Charlotte. Granted, he might not be the best “navigator”, but otherwise he is AOK in my book. 😉 (Y’see…. we missed our turn while driving to Athens. He was all about the talkie.)

A little more about Dustin… I’m sure you all know him. He’s gone from being a retailer to a convention guy to one helluva illustrator/designer/comicker. Heck, he has a HUGE amount of followers on the tweet. But… he’s also just great. We can talk pretty much about ANYTHING and I appreciate his feedback/opinion/humor. Anywaze… he really helped make this trip.

So.. chrono-wise, I pick him up. We miss our turn. We talk a LOT. I mean, HE talked a lot. We get to Athens. Check-in to the FORT (ie: weird Holiday Inn that was HUGE and thus, confusing). And go to the Bizzaro Wuxtry.

So, here’s another objective of the trip. Visit this FANTASTIC establishment. Part old school comic shop, but with great taste and awesome inventory. Man… you could spend days there. While there, we figure out that we’re going to hook up with Joey (CAVEMEN IN SPACE) Weiser and grab some grub. We need to wet our whistles too, so we hit the TransC pizza joint.

Oh.. before I forget, Athens was really cool. Great signage, architecture, vibe.

Anywaze…. it was great to catch up with Joey and partake in the local pizza joint. While there, Bak walked in, which was cool, since he’s a neat guy, great artist, and actually helped get the very first FLUKE underway 10 years ago.

I call it an early night because I’m old, had a few drinks and new the next day would woop my butt. Did I mention I was doing this trip as a drive-down on Friday, show on Saturday, drive back on Saturday to Charlotte, and get up WAY early on Sunday to be home for Easter? Yep. And it all worked out!

So, day of the show begins, and it’s a good sign when you start bumping into other friends like the Rob, Jason, Andy, Alex, Drew, Shawn, Adam, Chris, Eleanor, Chris, Tim, Seth, Heather, Derek, David, David, David and others. The show this year was at the 40 Watt, which is HISTORY in Athens.

Before we load in, Robert (one of the FLUKE organizers) asks both Top Shelf and myself where we want to exhibit… because we were sponsors. Later he would actually give us certificates of sponsorship. I thought I was special, but then I saw everyone had them… but y’know what? WE WERE ALL SPECIAL. That is what makes FLUKE great. We all are getting great treatment from Robert, Patrick, Devlin and other people associated with the show. Probably my favorite take away of the show is the pin that everyone gets.

So, not only does it act as proof of admission, but it was OUT OF THIS WORLD designed. While just being helluva-attractive, it says FLUKE X!!! Wha-huh? Yes.

So, add in a cool music set list, the fact it is in a bar with a great bloody mary, that friends like Rob (I’m going to give you a taste of one of the best ginger ales ever) Vendetti was right next to us, JCC shows up and explains what the little hooks on the top of my magazine rack are for, the show also creates a mini-comic anthology that they give you for FREE…

… and it goes on and on. So, yes, FLUKE I love you. Thanks for holding me in your arms this past Saturday. It was special.

I’d write more, but I need to “get back to it” and check emails, send invoices and Eisner ballots (VOTE AFRO!) and that type of stuff.

Take a look here for all the photos I took.

Again, thanks to EVERYONE who made the trip so great. I apologize if I didn’t mention you or your work in this fast report.

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