Random HeroesCon 2011 Thoughts

I love you HeroesCon.

Joey Weiser and I both wore plaid shirts all three days and we never matched or repeated.

Aziritt is one helluva nice guy. Add in Neil and Lamar and you have one helluva swell evening.

Because I was a bit drunk, I took in almost ALL of the art auction. Bid on a few, and got one. It was nice to sit with Rico most of the evening. He did a great job this year, and almost everyone I talked to marveled at his even keel. Or was that Evil Kneivel?

Jim Rugg, Lamar Abrams, Tom Scioli, Ed Piskor, Ben Towle and Dollar Bin make great Island partners. If we weren’t cracking wise, we were marveling at “finds” or just being nice.Wahuh?

I like that this is somewhat of a local show. I get to see EC peeps (cue slipper slope music!) like Jason (my other evil twin), J Chris, Andy, Rob, Van, John, Cliff, Latour, Casey, Neal, Neil, Ben, Kate, Marc…

I honestly don’t think it’s because of how LONG I’ve been going to Heroes, but the QUALITY of the people THERE that make the show so great.

I enjoyed the design panel that Rich pulled together. It was a nice mix of panelists from various backgrounds and a pretty full room. Look for a recording at some point in the future over at the Dollar Binners.

Many, many thanks for Shelton, Phil, Seth, Heather, Shawn, Shelly, Snaps and EVERYONE else for making this a fantastic fun time.

(And of course, if I didn’t mention you, it was because this is the DAY after a 3-day show, and I’m still trying to process all my thoughts/memories/etc. I still love you too… or most of you)

More photos…

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