SPX. American. Barbarian.

Can you believe it’s already SPX time again?

It is. And as such, Tom Scioli and I thought it would be cool to announce that AdHouse will be publishing American Barbarian.

American Barbarian

To celebrate, we’ll be handing out little S&N prints of AmBarb with any AdHouse or Scioli purchase. But wait. There’s more.

Here’s the cool cats who will be hanging with us during the show. They’re schedules are:

Ethan Rilly: All day Sunday

Jim Rugg: All day Saturday and Sunday (except when he’s at FantaLand).

Lamar Abrams: All day Saturday and Sunday

Sterling Hundley: All day Sunday

Sadly Jay Stephens won’t be able to make it to SPX this year due to personal reasons.

Oh… and yep, we’ll be debuting good ol’ Pope Hats #2 by Ethan Rilly. Please come by and talk to Ethan on Sunday. And I guess we’ll be debuting Blue Collar / White Collar by Sterling Hundley. Again, Sterling will be there Sunday only.

Also, if you’re interested in that uber-cool Nobrow or Koyama stuffage, be sure to get there early. Only so many to go around!

We’re very excited to have our little “island” that we’ve been a part of for the past couple years. W39 – W41.

Thanks, y’all.

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