Dylan Williams

I am not a wordsmith. I have never claimed to be. So, it is doubly hard to try and put my thoughts about Dylan Williams into words.

He was what we needed. Someone with a history and knowledge of comics to help make the comics our industry needed.

I don’t know if we were “friends” but I cherish the memory of us almost going to see Star Trek before TCAF happened. I also liked his voice. Dylan had a nice voice. Only Dan Nadel would beat him in that contest.

I was a little late to help out with his fundraiser, because I wasn’t quite sure what was “right” to offer. I ended up deciding on a MoCCA poster that I helped with the typography. I thought that felt right because of us both being exhibitors at the MoCCA shows… which of course leads to all types of unwritten thoughts. (The auction ends tomorrow. I’m sure Dylan’s family still needs help, so please bid if you are interested.)

I’ll end with one of my fave pics of Dylan… why? Because he called me out on it being a fave. XOXO buddy… you will be missed.

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