Quite the MIXer

Man… What a NICE show. I think it has to be something in the water.

We knew we were in for a good time when we got off the airplane to encounter a serene airport. Probably the MOST serene I’ve ever encountered. Then, when we made our way into the city… Even more serenity! We heart you Land of Lakes!

This was a pretty quick show for us with only having the Friday and Monday on the ends for travel days. That gave us a quick feeling as time flew by and our trip was over before we knew it.

Has Frankie done a scene report for Minneapolis? He really should. It has to be in the running for most cartoonists in a city. It’s the geography, son. And, damn… Cartoonists are sooo nice.

So, here are some random thoughts/memories about the show:

Sarah has her shit together. I showed TW the last email w/ all the reminders, and as planners, she warmed our hearts a little.

– It was simply wonderful to have the great Annie Koyama to hang with during the weekend. She’s a fantastic lady that has great taste in publishing. I’m sure you all know her stuff by now, but if you don’t, do yourself a favor and check it out.

– Friday night was the awesome Cloudy Collection show at the Pink Hobo/PUNY place. It was very nice to see all the printed sets in one place. David should be very proud of what he’s created.

– PUNY? Wow. They are quite the creative force in Minnieland. Very nice to catch up with both Vinnie and Shad in regards to almost everything. Thanks for being such great hosts!

– Also thanks to Jimmie Rugg for coming out and being such a great table bud. It’s also nice to see him and Dusty grow even closer. Get a room, you two. Oh, wait, they did.

– Lots of great minis/comics/books/art at the show. I found myself coveting what others had found, and then my going out to find one for myself. ‘Scooter Patrol’ from ‘curtiepie’ did well for themselves by selling out before the show was over. My first purchase was some weird geometric-antlered deer mini (update: Deer Prince by @brittch) .

– Holey moley but does Minnieburg have a lot of food trucks! So, good… We really dug the salty/sweet donuts of the Chef Shack. yum!

– The Soap Factory was actually a pretty cool spot. I heard the temps were different in the rooms, but the aesthetics were fab.

– Saturday night was family time. Thanks to TW’s cousin for showing us the town and feeding us German food!

– Both days started a bit slow sales-wise… Maybe customers were hungover from the parties?

– Minnieville sure has one pretty skyline. Actually, I think I liked everything about the city.

– This was only my 2nd visit to the city. I was SUPER stoked to finally get a chance to visit Big Brain Comics. It instantly became one of my favorite shops of all time. The selection was obscene. Too bad I missed the “underground frenzy.”

– Sunday’s closing dinner party was top notch. Great food and friends like Annie, Warnock, Tim, Tom, Mike, Jordan and so many others… It was tough to leave… But I am one of the old ones now.

– How did we do? Pretty good. We shipped three boxes and carried on around two. At the end of the show we donated around 1/2 a box to the volunteers, took the other half to Big Brain, and came home with around 1/2 a box (of our stuff).

– I think I came home with around a box of purchased/given stuff.

So… Big thanks to Sarah, Andy and all the volunteers for making this show a really great time. Thanks to all the exhibitors for bringing your a-game. Thanks to Big Brain for being awesome. Thanks to Annie for her wonderful generosity. Thanks to PUNY for a wonderful party. Thanks to Jordan for talking us into coming. And thanks to the wonderful city. It REALLY was a nice MIXer.

More photos here.

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