BCGF 2011 Reportage

Just the facts… (As if you were watching Dragnet! See below!)

BCGF was A-OK. We had a “solid” outing, but not all “super crazy”. I think Picturebox might have had the best show, as they were ALWAYS busy with KE8… at least the two times I swung by. I checked near the end of the show, and they had sold out. If they didn’t have the “best” show, then maybe Nobrow? They slayed.

We moved the last of the Duncans we had before the new printing shows up… The artists at our table helped move their books, which is always appreciated. But otherwise, I came away wondering if maybe the AdProduct isn’t “edgy” enough for BCGF. I brought a fair amount of the kids books we’ve done, thinking parents might walk through.. but I think I only sold one.

Otherwise, I guess the show was sort of a bummer. My car was broken into Saturday night / Sunday morning. They grabbed my duffel bag and my collapsible dolly. The duffel included both my purchases from the show, as well as a few things I picked up for Dustin Harbin. Most importantly, it included the portfolio of original art I take in hopes of selling for my artist friends. Here is the art that is missing.

My highlights around BCGF…

Getting to check out Desert Island. Wow. What a great store. I could spend hours in there. Finely curated!

Having dinner with Sam and Alex from Nobrow. As my wife notes, they’re kind of like an old married couple… that DRINKS! heh. Just kidding. I’m a wimp when it comes to drinking.

Yacking with Matt Forsythe about stuff. As I told him and Chip Kidd, I laughed out loud at least twice when I read his new book.

Seeing Tom Spurgeon was aces. I always feel like a dull blade when I talk to him.

So, I had a good time… but not great. 2010 was my first time, and I recall that one being great. I’ll have to try and plan to help make it a great one the next time we exhibit. Maybe plan for a debut at the show.

Here’s some more pics. (But only two from the show. The rest around the show.)

Thanks to Dan, Gabe and Bill for all their hardwork, and all the people who came out to visit. Happy belated Bday Chris!

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