AdDistro. Hello, I must be going…

Howdy-ho, true believers.

It’s with sadness that I announce the slow implosion of the once towering AdDistro. Well, sadness and relief.

Basically, I started AdDistro with the thought that I was bringing hard-to-find bibliogoodness to the people. Times have a-changed, and now the once hard-to-find beautiful things are a little easier to obtain.

While there was once a pond that kept Nobrow from us, now you can get their stuff from Consortium. While I was once the go-to place for Koyamaness, I am proud to point you Secret Acres way. Others have joined forces with others, and honestly, it was a lot of work, at least for lil’ ol’ AdCasa.

Adding Thomas Herpich and Bernie Mireault at the end was the proverbial icings on the cake. (I have always loved their sequentialness.)

But don’t fear, my bookish friends… I still have some of these goodies, and honestly, the getting is still good. (I do need to clean the shop up a bit, so pardon the dust until I do.)

I just wanted to let you all know where the pendulum has swung at AdCentral. And as I sign off, I want to thank everyone involved with AdDistro. It has been one helluva ride, and I love you all.

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