Gimme an S! P! X! SPX!

Or something like that.

So, time has come today to announce our 2012 SPX plans. I don’t know what the steering committee is drinking, but wowzers did they create one helluva show this year.If you’re not familiar with SPX, it’s one of the best alternative comic shows in North America. It takes place in Bethesda, MD on September 15 & 16.

And, trying to keep up with the Joneses… we’re pulling out most of the stops, too.

At present, we’ll have the following creators hanging at the AdTable:

• Jim Rugg with his noteworthy Notebook.

• Thomas Herpich with his newly printed White Clay.

• Lamar Abrams with his future published Remake 3xtra.

• Ethan Rilly with his back to the future Pope Hats #3.

Breaking News: Congrats to Ethan Rilly and his Pope Hats Ignatz nominations! If you’re coming to the festival, please consider voting for him and his work! Of the two categories, Ethan thought Outstanding Comic might be more appropriate.

Not sure when they announce table numbers, but I’ll be back with that info when I have it. Hopefully we are in the same spot that we’ve been for years… same as it ever was. UPDATE: W46-W48 is our pad.

You really should try and make it out to this show since EVERYONE is going to be there. That includes my friends Joey Weiser, Tom Scioli, Annie Koyama and the Nobrow dudes.

We’ll probably bring some rare items, reduced items and item items, so please swing on by and check out our “wares”.

Looking forward to it, y’all.

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