OMG. SPX. 2012.

OK. SPX 2012 was SOO good that I have to drop a few nuggets about it.

But… I am SLAMMED for being away from the office so I don’t know how many nuggets there will be. Just random thoughts.

Also, I’m going to try and do this without naming names! Haw!

So, I’m not sure what cleared the party room faster. Watching baseball, warm beer, or being old.

Loved talking rivlets with XYZ creator. Recipe: flour, egg, salt, pepper; mix, add to saurkraut.

XYZ’s comics sold out. ALL of them.

Hanging with old guy XYZ was awesome. Tons of “remember back when” type of talk.

I bought* a BOX of books. (*or was given) I packed them all careful and then promptly dropped the box on the way to the car. Who knows when I’ll have time to read them.

Space: The final frontier. You can fill two museums and talk about it during the show. (TNG, not TOS)

XYZ is the best. She revitalizes comics like nobody’s biz.

You know it’s a good night when you make sure to apologize for anything you might have said the night before.

Even though I spent extra days at the show, it seemed like I only hung out with XYZ. That’s still good. Just odd. Maybe there’s a physics formula for that.

Two days after the show and I’m thinking of books I wish I would have bought. (Ignatz’s Law?)

Man I love XYZ, XYZ, XYZ and XYZ.

Talked to XYZ about “the book” and when it might get published. Hopefully soon.

Man, I totally didn’t konw XYZ published XYZ’s book. NOW it all makes sense. Duh.

Sorry I spilled Coke (the drink) on XYZ’s boots. I forgot to ask if they were for sale. I cleaned up the mess rather nicely, though.

Thanks for XYZ for hosting the pizza party. Thanks for XYZ for buying the pizza. It was yummy!

I thought of a joke to tell XYZ. 48 hours later.

You know what makes a great show? Three trips in, one trip out. Do the math.

Man, I kept thinking there’s a LOT of stuff I don’t know during the weekend.

Big, BIG thanks to all who made this show as great as it was. Ignatz shineyness was genius. Need to put the hours on the badge, though.


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