Locust Moon Fest 12/16 Philly

Hey Y’all!

Just wanted to let you know that we’ll be driving north to Philly on 12/16 to set up at the Locust Moon Fest.


Well, they have curated one helluva show.

Brandon Graham. Farel Dalrymple. J.G. Jones. David Mack. Jim Rugg. Michael Zulli. Jasen Lexx. Terry LaBan. Box Brown. Ben Marra. Ed Piskor. Jeffro Kilpatrick. Meathaus Enterprises. Secret Acres. Koyama Press. Locust Moon Press and many more!

I’m going to bring the last of the AdDistro, so let’s wheel & deal! You may go home with some sweet & awesome comics.

What’s that? Why yes, the festival is doing special prints. Wonder Twins powers … activate.

PS. The fest gets bonus points for bringing in special food. I like special food. Hope you can make it out!

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