USPS Shipping Rates

Good ol’ Tom Spurgeon’s Comics Reporter reminded me that I should address the increase in USPS international shipping rates…

First off, we’re not the most advance of website developers over here. I basically try and “ballpark” the cost of shipping within the US (and other countries) and then add that cost to the Paypal shopping cart. 90% of the time it works. The other 10% of the time I will refund the purchaser or I lose money.

I’ve seen questions and comments on Twitter about what we would charge to ship to other countries. It’s not like we’re trying to rip you off. That’s pretty much what the USPS charges. We can really only send things via Priority Mail. So, that one comic really does cost us from $14-$20 to ship to your country.

We received an order lately for one comic to Canada. Because of the rise in international shipping costs, that one comic was given away.

So, I doubt things are going to get cheaper. I guess “digital” is looking better and better all the time…

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