Asbury Park + MoCCA + TCAF + Phoenix = :)

Or… SHOW me the way. (cue Peter Frampton) (gettit?)

Color me crazy, but AdHouse Books will be hitting the road to attend both the Asbury Park Comicon, Society of Illustrator’s MoCCA Art Fest, Toronto’s awesome TCAF and the Phoenix Comicon this spring!

I guess the crazy part is that the first two are back-to-back weekend shows, the third is in another country… and the fourth is almost clear across the good ol’ US.

We decided to do the Asbury show because it seemed like it had the right vibe. Having previously been held in a bowling alley, we heard nothing but good things from prior guests. So, why not?

Now, the MoCCA Art Fest was a tougher decision. Having been spurned by the previous promoters, we had to give it some hard thought as to whether or not we would return. Slowly, but surely, we kept hearing good things. First they had formed a steering committee including like-minded publishers Secret Acres. Second, it was now being run by the Society of Illustrators… who we have always loved. So, after talking it over with a few friends, we decided it was time to make our return. It also helped that Boulet was coming over and wanted to publish a comic with us.

TCAF? If they’ll have us, we will try and make the trip. It’s that good of a show. Last year AdHouse central was moving, so we sent good ol’ American Barbarian in our place. This year, we’re happy to return!

The Phoenix Comicon? Well, we were on the fence for a little while… but then they went and announced the 20th anniversary of Babylon 5. Heh. We are HUGE B5 fans at AdCentral. On top of that, our pal Matt Wagner was going to be there. And then AdBuds Jim Rugg and Tom Scioli are making the trip. So… if you are a left coaster, try and swing by for this show. It looks awesome!

So, look for us at Asbury Park Comicon on March 30, the MoCCA Art Fest on April 6 & 7, TCAF on May 11 & 12 and the Phoenix Comicon from May 23-26.

(Of course we’ll be hitting HeroesCon in June, but we’ll be back for a Summer blog post before then.)

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