Johanna tells us it’s National Comic Strip Month.

(Pictured here with Marc “Jocko” Nathan and KC aka Purple Hat (not Wool Hat!) at Richcon)

As I’ve expressed here and there, for some reason, I’m not really a “strip” guy. It’s weird. I grew up reading them in the papers. During lunch break at my high school, I would take time to go to the library and check out the Washington Post’s section. It seemed so much better. But… there are exceptions. Peanuts. Far Side. Polly & Her Pals.

And thanks to Dean and IDW, a fantastic collection of TERRY & THE PIRATES. I’ve never read TERRY before, but I’m going to try and read this new collection from front to back. I flipped through a copy this morning, and all I can say is wow. Everyone involved with this book should be proud. Even if I can’t love the strip, I can love the book. Minimalist and professional design.

Talking about the design reminds me to give props to that Popeye collection that Fantagraphics is putting out.

Anyways, thought it was an interesting synchronistic event that had me flipping through TERRY this morn, and then finding out Comic Strip Month started yesterday.

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