Of the holly variety of course!

Black Pete and Lil’ Bluey wish you and yours the most bestous holiday ever…

Yeah, I know we might be a little early with our well wishes, but the time will sure to get hectic.

Our AdHouse gift to you? We’re working on getting Johnny Hiro #3 off to the printer. Yeah, I know.. we’ll be a month late with the book, but it’s worth the wait. Mr. Hiro goes to the Opera, and when you’re dealin’ with fancy things like rush tickets, you gotta get it right.

Speakin’ of Hiro, Mr. Mason gives JH a shout out in his Year in Review. Many thanksage. Foud via our pal, BW.

And in the spirit of giving, Mr. Greg has hopefully helped us with our spam problem. Thanks for the gift!

HappyHappy, everyone…

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