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Sean Collins provides a pretty nice review of Skyscrapers of the Midwest #4.

(This is Barney the donut delivering owl.)

Slay brings up a good point. Most of the time, AdHouse comics have no ads. What the hell! I’m off to fire someone in our marketing department! While I do that, you can check out the sweet things he says about our pal Johnny. (oh.. and speaking of Johnny… it is at the printer and should have been bound yesterday 1/15/08… so it’sacomin.)

Our pal Marc Mason tells us that his Waiting Room has morphed into an online magazine. We like Marc. He reviews the comics we send him in a pretty punctual way. The reason for the move to a magzine? He says.. “The reality of comics-related websites is simple: if your name isn’t Tom, Dirk, or Heidi, there isn’t a pressing need to visit every day. So rather than continue butting my head against the wall, trying to figure out how to change that, the CWR writers and I came up with a better idea: become more of a special destination.” Which kind of hits home with AdHouse. We’re constantly thinking about how we stack up against other publishers and how we could possibly brand ourselves differently. Kudos to Marc for actually doing it.

In other news… I believe Paul Pope is heading to Angolueme. It looks like Dargaud will be having him as a guest. That’s cool. I’ve always wanted to attend that festival, but can never seem to make it work. I think I’m just going to give up on the idea of ever going. One less thing to worry about.

Books.. I finished my Anthony Bourdain A COOK’S TOUR book. It was OK. Used and cheap ($5), I enjoyed the travels. I then read EXIT WOUNDS. It was good, but I mostly purchased it since I met Rotu at SPX in the bar with Nick Abadzis, and then saw that she was doing some pretty nice sketches/paintings within copies. Now I’m reading INTO THE WILD which is a pretty good page-turner.


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