Talk Dirty to Me in May from AdHouse Books

Talk Dirty to Me by Luke Howard.
Published by AdHouse Books

Growing up it felt like she was meant to be ashamed of her sexuality. Girls aren’t supposed to want those things, right? With grand visions of sexual empowerment, Emma decides to try being an operator for a sex hotline. But there’s a gaping wound between those visions and reality.

128 2C pages
6 ” x 8.5 ” SC
$14.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-37-4
Shipping May 2016
Diamond Order Code: MAR16 0970

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  1. […] AdHouse Books has announced that Luke Howard’s most recent book will be coming out this may. Howard’s got an exciting thing going on right here. Smart line and form interactions unfolding a bizarre/banal drama of the senses. […]