Skyscrapers Reviews Too.

Since the book has recently hit the shelves of your local bibliovendor, the reviews are starting to pop up. I’ll try and capture what I can find, and post here.

“This is one of the most accurate visions of childhood that I have ever seen, in any medium.”
– Timothy Callahan @ CBR via The Comics ReporterR via The Comics Reporter

“Cotter’s book is utterly gracious to all. It abandons reality in favor of truth, and the effect is cosmic.”
– Laurel Maury, LA Times

“Thankfully, while there’s enough pathos in these pages to give Chris Ware a run for the trauma crown, Cotter aims for balance by also depicting moments of joy — sometimes in fantastical passages that recall Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes.”
– Web Behrens, Playboy

“Joshua Cotter’s personalized tale of life in the American Heartland is an insightful look into the bleak trappings of a once fabled existence. For me, Cotter’s commentary takes the stand that this piece of Western civilization is a collapsing paradigm.”
– Thirteen Minutes

There’s a lot going on here, most of which defies conventional description… sometimes it’s dark comedy, sometimes it’s intensely uncomfortable tales of adolescence, and sometimes it’s just really, really odd. It wasn’t unusual to laugh out loud one page, nearly cry the next, and be intensely creeped out on the third.”
– Bill at Good Reads

Skyscrapers of the Midwest is that rare critical mass of dynamic art and storytelling. In the synthesis of these elements, Cotter manages to capture the wonders and horrors of childhood, which are perhaps far more entwined than we’d wish to remember. And like our own youth, each re-opening of the book uncovers new layers and connections just below the surface.”
– Brian Heater at the Daily Cross Hatch

“It’s a really, really excellent book.” – Chris Mautner at the P&P

 “Skyscrapers of the Midwest is a hidden gem of modern comics, and Cotter has the strength and subtlety to an artist with twice his experience. This may be, as Warren Ellis blurbed it, “one odd fucking book,” but it’s also one smart, touching and exciting fucking book, too. “ – Andrew Wheeler at the ComicMix

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