As in catching up with peeps and missile annie stuff.

Have you seen the cool stuff that Mr. C. Scott Morse has planned for SDCC? It’s all types of awesome. T-shirts, Print-books, and I’m sure he’ll bang out some origs before the show is here.

Speaking of Mr. Morse, we’re just about to dive into helping him put his NOTES OVER YONDER together. I think this will be a nice lil’ book. Just like all of his creations. We’re also busy planning an update to the site with all the other goodies we have planned for the fall. Or at least all the ones we can talk about.

Speaking of SDCC, look for Mr. Fred (JOHNNY HIRO) Chao at table M14 with is bud’s Ryan and Fred. If you’ve been having trouble finding your west coast JHs, Fred will have a large amount there. Heck, he might even have some of those fancy prints we made, too.

I just trimmed my blog feed to about half of what it was. Why? People piss me off. Heh.

Read a nice interview the other day with Mr. Dylan Sparkplug Williams. I like Dylan. Did you hear Sparkplug has a blog now? I think it should have been called Sparkblog.

I had some time today, so I organized by outgoing bookcase. That’s the case that houses all the inventory for mail order and things like that. It looks good. I did find around 5 odd out of print things that I might put up on ebay this weekend. Along with a PR2 perhaps? Speaking of PR2, JJ is at the Icon this weekend.

Josh Cotter has plans to head back to his hometown to show his book at a festival of sorts. I think that is way cool. I’ve often thought about heading back to my hometown for a book festival, but haven’t found the energy yet. We did a book festival in our infancy, and it was dreadful.

I have LOADS of stuff to read after having visited the MoCCA Art Fest and then Heroes.  It is the golden age of sequential publishing.

I called local friend Kelly Alder the other day to see how his Heroes went. Five minutes into the conversation and we’re talking about how f’d up the current state of affairs is. I guess I had the fuel of just watching RECOUNT and then AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH. I don’t like focusing on the negative all around us (the media does enough of that!) but it’s hard not to see things that should be fixed. Here’s hoping this November can make a difference.

I guess that’s it for now. Everyone have a safe 4th of July. We’ll be driving out lil’ dog around trying to NOT hear the fireworks.

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