The Oven in April by AdHouse Books

January 27th, 2015

The Oven by Sophie Goldstein.
Published by AdHouse Books

Ozone depletion and dwindling resources have driven the human race into domed cities where population controls are strictly enforced. When a young couple goes looking for an anti-government paradise in the desert they may have found more than they bargained for.

80 2C pages
5.5″ x 7.5″ SC
$12.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-33-6
Shipping April 2015
Diamond Order Code: FEB15 0903

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AdHouse’s Page

I forgot I wanted to post these thumbnails to show cover process. I love stuff like this. I hope you do as well!

OvenCoverThumbs_001 OvenCoverThumbs_002

Street Angel Redux

November 21st, 2014

I like Jim Rugg. I like the comics that Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca produce. So, when it came time to bring Street Angel back to print earlier this year, I thought it was a chance to create the edition we would all want.


My first big question that had to be answered was how many to print. I mean, the comics had been out there, two printings of the SLG edition had been out there. It’s a great unknown. At least for me. So, you get the quotes, you take a guess, and you press the button. We ended up doing 2k. And with SA roughly coming out in July, that amount has lasted 6 months.

Based on the above adoration, I felt it was necessary to do a second printing. (I consider some AdHouse titles to be the “canon” for us. Skyscrapers, Duncan, Afrodisiac… books that are good enough that they should always, hopefully, be in print.) I reached out to the creative team, and while they were interested in reprinting, they wanted to “spitball” some changes.

It should be printed on pink paper.


Now, for me, this was funny. Why? Because as near as I could tell, that idea came from Tom Scioli while he and Jim were driving to HeroesCon. If you follow Tom, you’ll understand his suggestion. (When he makes print editions of his online comics, he prints them on flourescent paper. To him, the brightness of the paper emulates the computer screen.) And while I dug the idea, I struggled with the concept. Every time I have reprinted in the past, it was essentially just that… a reprinting. To drastically change a title meant it would be a New Edition. I was confused.

I reached out to people who I respect in the industry, and their responses varied from “YES! You should do it!” to “No way. As a publisher, you need to nip this in the bud.” (OK, I might have paraphrased that a bit.)

As you can guess, I came around to the team’s decision to change it up. Why? Because we can. We should always be striving to make the best work possible.

Look for the Street Angel New Edition to arrive sometime in the new year… printed in all it’s pink & purple glory. It’s in the December Diamond Previews (shipping in February)… Order number DEC14 1024.

The remaining BW versions will probably be gone, or close to gone by the time you read this. We still have a few of the Limited Slipcase Editions, if that tickles your fancy.


Street Angel by Brian Maruca & Jim Rugg.
Published by AdHouse Books

Harry Potter, Bruce Wayne, Annie, and Oliver Twist can go #&©% themselves! There’s a new orphan in town.

Homeless teenager, Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez cuts school and uses her skateboard and kung-fu action to fight ninja gangbangers, mad scientists, cops, time-traveling pirates, J-horror cliches, an evil version of her future self, ancient gods, rednecks, hunger…

Funny, violent, irreverent – everything you love in comic books (except sex). The creators of Afrodisiac present the Princess of Poverty — Street Angel!

2nd edtion details:
176 PC (pink & purple) pages
6 ” x 9 ” HC
$19.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-32-9
Shipping January 2015
Diamond Order Code: DEC14 1024

Notebook Drawings 2012-2014 on Sale

November 10th, 2014

Just wanted to let you all know that we are now selling Notebook Drawings 2012-2014.

As a bonus, early purchasers will receive a signed edition. We had a few extra at CAB, so Jim was gracious enough to sign them. (There’s no promise you’ll get one. First come, first served… until they’re gone.)

We realize our shipping options might be a bit wacky, so if you are being charged an insane amount (ex. multiple copies) we will refund the difference. Also, I’m sorry, but shipping to other countries IS expensive. More than likely the cost you see is what I pay. If it’s less, I’ll refund the difference.

(Also… just to keep the sales “in control”, I tend to put them up in lots of a certain amount. If the inventory is 0, wait a day, and there will be more. Thanks!)

Otherwise, here’s some pics:

tumblr_ne5nh7lB2b1qhnmw9o2_1280 tumblr_ne5nh7lB2b1qhnmw9o3_1280 tumblr_ne5nh7lB2b1qhnmw9o4_1280 tumblr_ne5nh7lB2b1qhnmw9o5_1280 tumblr_ne5nh7lB2b1qhnmw9o6_1280 tumblr_ne5nh7lB2b1qhnmw9o7_1280 tumblr_ne5nh7lB2b1qhnmw9o8_1280tumblr_ne5nh7lB2b1qhnmw9o1_1280

AdHouse returns to CAB

November 3rd, 2014

Hey y’all.


Just a note to let you konw we’ll be celebrating the Cartoonists Artists Brooklyn event this November 11th in… Brooklyn!

Hope you all can make it out. It’s a fun show. We’ll have Jim Rugg at our table, debuting his 2nd Notebook Drawings Book.

You can find us at table U15. Yes, someone has put Baby in the corner.

And look for AdPals Katie Skelly at D35 and Gregory Benton at U32.

For those quick of purchase, we’ll have a few copies of Eric Haven’s UR at the table, too.


AdHouse Books.

UR in January by AdHouse Books

October 27th, 2014

Those keen of blog posts will recall that we actually previously posted that UR would be a December book.

Well, it was, and then it accidentally got left out of that Previews catalog, so we thought we’d just come back and share the same info again.

UR… it’s TWICE as NICE! Or something.


UR by Eric Haven.
Published by AdHouse Books

UR is a collection of work that has appeared in various comic anthologies. Dark, absurdist, and deadpan, these stories reflect the apocalyptic undercurrent of the modern era. Also included is Haven’s long-running comic strip “Race Murdock” which appeared in The Believer magazine.

48 FC pages
6 ” x 9 ” SC w/ DJ
$14.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-30-5
Shipping December 2014
Diamond Order Code: AUG148288

PDF Preview

AdHouse’s Page

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AdHouse Goes APE

September 24th, 2014

Damn I’m witty. (See above)


Yes, you read that correctly. We are returning to the left coast to help celebrate the alternativeness that is the Alternative Press Expo.

If you come to the show, and you find us, you will find:

Eric Haven SELLabrating the release of UR.

Jim Rugg SELLabrating Street Angel, Supermag & Afrodisiac, to name a few.

Me SELLabrating life and stuff.

We’re at table 809. Hope you can make it.

*AND if you want any AdStuff from us at the show, it’s best to get their early, as we are NOT shipping a lot.
(photo by Monsier Geophrey Mason, Esquire.)

UR in December by AdHouse Books

September 23rd, 2014

UR by Eric Haven.
Published by AdHouse Books

UR is a collection of work that has appeared in various comic anthologies. Dark, absurdist, and deadpan, these stories reflect the apocalyptic undercurrent of the modern era. Also included is Haven’s long-running comic strip “Race Murdock” which appeared in The Believer magazine.

48 FC pages
6 ” x 9 ” SC w/ DJ
$14.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-30-5
Shipping December 2014
Diamond Order Code: AUG148288

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AdHouse’s Page

Notebook Drawings 2012-2014 in November from AdHouse Books

September 10th, 2014

Betcha didn’t expect THAT! Or didja?

Project13_Layout 1

NOTEBOOK DRAWINGS 2012-2014 by Jim Rugg
Published by AdHouse Books

Notebook Drawings 2012-2014 is a follow-up to Notebook Drawings 2011-2102 catalog for the iam8bit art exhibition – Notebook Nerd.

This new collection of ballpoint pen notebook drawings features fan art, movies, pinups, cars, comics, animals, 3D, and more. A nostalgic trip for anyone that remembers the boredom of history class…

“A peek into Rugg’s notebook drawings reveals a loose aesthetic reminiscent of irreverent high school doodling, only ten times more awesome and sophisticated.” – Juxtapoz Magazine

40 4C pages
8 ” x 10 ” Spiral Bound
$35 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-31-2
Shipping December 2014
AdHouse Books Exclusive Limited Edition (300)

PDF Preview

AdHouse’s Page

T-Minus Small Press Expo

August 13th, 2014



With one month until Small Press Expo, I like to just remind all you faithful readers that we’ll be there. Hopefully in our same spot that we’ve had for the past couple years. Update: Yep, we got our same spot, W53 – W55.

We’ve been exhibiting since 2002. With this being the 20th anniversary of the show, we’ve gone BIG with the creators that will be at our tables. (It’s the largest AdGathering that I can ever recall!)

The following creators will be spending time with AdHouse at the following times:

Jim Rugg 11 – 7
Josh Cotter 11 – 7
Lamar Abrams 11 – 3
Gregory Benton 3 – 7
Jon Chad11 – 1
Katie Skelly 1 – 4
Noah Van Sciver 5 – 7

Jim Rugg 12 – 6
Josh Cotter 12 – 3
Lamar Abrams 12 – 3
Katie Skelly 12 – 3
Jon Chad 3 – 6
Gregory Benton 3 – 6
Noah Van Sciver 3 – 6

This might be tweaked, as I’ve heard that programming is still being worked out? (Update! Yep, as predicted, programming messed with our schedule, so we had to tweak it a bit.)

(Also, our Delusional and Basewood pals, Farel Dalrymple and Alec Longstreth will be at the show, but they’ve got their own space!)

While AdHouse proper won’t have any fancy schamcy debuts (yet? Update: Here’s our debut!), the creators will. Jim Rugg will have some of those sweet zines he’s been making of late. Lamar is working on a new Remake mini. Skatie Kelly has a bloodsucker. Those are the ones I know about, and I’m sure the others will be bringing special things, too. It’s the 20th afterall.

Hope you can make it out, and I hope you swing by to say hi.

Small Press Expo September 13 & 14 in Bethesda, MD.


Announcing UR by Eric Haven

July 24th, 2014


The Comics Reporter has announced our future plans to publish UR by Eric Haven. Check out the “variant” cover as well as the origin story right here!

Full solicitation info to come later.