Who puts the “sexy” in SPX? (2013)

August 14th, 2013

Dare I say any of the fine creators sitting at the SPX AdHouse tables?

(disclaimer: Only one of the three sexy gents above will be the AdHouse table for any extended amount of time. Well, after he reads this, he might reconsider. Deforgio thinks I can’t steal his soul when his eyes are closed. Moohawhawhaw.)

I was looking at last year’s blog post about the show, and I trumpeted the show’s committee for ability to curate one helluva show. Well, they took it to 11 this year. Maybe it was due to “TableGate”, or maybe it’s just because everyone is doing their job, but this show just gets better and better as the years go by.

Because I’m sure you all are curious, here is what we have planned for this show:

• Special Guest Farel Dalrymple will be with us to talk all Delusional to your faces.

• Jimmie Rugg is on hand to possibly drop a new zine in our laps and get all MagSuper.

• Lamar Abrams is coming home to ReRemake.

• Future AdHouser Katie Skelly will be hanging for a bit to Operate on Margarine.

(Also, be sure to check out Tom AmBarb Scioli & Joseph TheRideHome Weiser at their own tables!)

What else? Well, not sure, but we might have a special guest from up North hanging for a bit. Haven’t confirmed yet, but we talked at TCAF. I’ll also be debuting Blue Jean. Y’know, the girl I just met. Sorta. And speaking of debuts, the SPX website has a new feature, which gives the debuts a bit more of a spotlight.

Looks like we’re in our favorite AdIsland again: W53-55. Yay!

I hope the masses dig the secret project I helped out with in regards to the Ignatz. Something new, but non-inflatable.

Hope you can make it out! September 14 & 15 in Bethesda, MD.


And of course after I post this, I realize I probably should have waited to see if Ethan Rilly would be nominated for an Ignatz award. And yep, he’s nominated for TWO!

Congrats Ethan! Your a swell dude and you deserve it! (Those two things are and aren’t related).

I can’t wait to stick this here sticker on Pope Hats #3.


B+F in October from AdHouse Books

July 23rd, 2013

B+F in October from AdHouse Books


B+F by Gregory Benton.
Co-published by AdHouse Books + Éditions çà et là

“B+F” is Gregory Benton’s MoCCA Award of Excellence-winning fable. It explores an otherworldly forest with a woman and a dog as they encounter its denizens, both benevolent and malicious. A wordless meditation on goodwill, hostility, and isolation.

Chris Pitzer of AdHouse Books had the following to say:
“I consider this project magical and serendipitous. After taking a midnight bus from Richmond, VA to NYC for the 2013 MoCCA Art Fest, I just happened to be exhibiting across the aisle from Gregory. He and I had the fortune of working together back in Project: Telstar days, and I have always loved his comics. He had a preview of B+F for sale, and I was the first to purchase one that day. As the weekend progressed, he would eventually win the MoCCA Award of Excellence and I would point Serge ( of Éditions çà et là ) in his direction. The following week, we had all inked deals to make this co-publishing endeavor happen. I’ve never done this, and I’m excited to take this next step.”

64 4C pages
10″ x 15″ HC
$24.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-25-1
Shipping October 2013
Diamond Order Code: AUG13 0919

Download a PDF preview

AdHouse’s Page

Delusional in September from AdHouse Books

June 17th, 2013

Delusional in September from AdHouse Books

Delusional by Farel Dalrymple.
Published by AdHouse Books

Delusional is a book of comics and drawings by cartoonist Farel Dalrymple. You might have seen them in various anthologies, or posted on the internets, but now they are collected into one beautiful tome. Farel’s previous work includes Pop Gun War, Omega the Unknown and the occasional Prophet.

232 4C & 1C pages
6 ” x 9 ” HC
$24.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-24-4
Shipping September 2013
Diamond Order Code: JUL13 0741

Download a PDF preview

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June 10th, 2013

Freshly back from the wonderful HeroesCon 2013, and yes I am tired. Hell, I’m old. I admit it. But, damn, does that show rock. On all counts. Just sooo good. My big camera was giving me fits, so I just snapped phone pics and ran them through instagram. Oddly enough, I didn’t take any shots of people’s faces or food. I mean, there are “depictions” of faces… but you get the idea. Big thanks to everyone who made this year one of the best. You know who you are. If you have to question, then do better next year! (heehaw)

adhousefloor bigman blowout comicrack darktom dollytrek heroestaff jchris

HeroesCon 2013!

June 3rd, 2013

Man… where did Spring go? It felt just like yesterday and now we’re looking forward to HeroesCon this week!

HeroesCon 2013June 7-9, 2013

Charlotte Convention Center
501 S. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

We always really look forward to this show, but the crew seems to have knocked this year out of the park. It’s just HUGE!

Some details about our exhibiting…

We’re at table AA-1018, which is almost the hear of Indy Island.

Per some notes from pal Jim Rugg, we’re going to try and go vertical again this year. And speaking of Jimmie Rugg, SUPERMAG debuts this week on 6/5, so we’ll have copies of it and it’s European cousin at the show!

We’re also bringing the remainder of the AdDistro, so if you have been thinking about picking this stuff up, please do so. We’ll be discounting to move the units!

So, if you’ve been on the fence about this show, you should really try and make it out. It is all types of fun… and I’ve been to my  fair share of shows. Yay!

Your pal, AdHouse

Post-MoCCA 2013 Thoughts

April 9th, 2013

I told myself I wasn’t going to do a post-MoCCA 2013 report… but that wouldn’t be quite right.


Why? Because it was a rebirth or sorts. Or why didn’t I want to do one? Because I was sick as a dog. (Do dogs get sick?)

See, you can still tell I’m a bit out of it if I’m questioning things like that.

Anyway, here’s some random thoughts…

The ChinaBus ride up was one of the most bizarre trips I have ever taken… and I’ve taken quite a few. If I would have been by myself, I probably would have curled into a fetal position and cried, but Neil (Out of Step Arts) Bramlette and Jared Callum were along for the ride, so I weathered on. If you see them, seriously…. ask them about this trip. (Coming back our bus driver actually left passengers at the Delaware House. He TOLD them 15 minutes. That’s why I ate my pizza near the bus.)

So, yeah, taking the bus up the night before without ANY sleep might have not been the best of ideas, but dammit, I saved money. But I digress.

I guess I wanted to do this post because I wanted to thank everyone. The Society of Illustrators for stepping up and doing it right. Many nice new touches (curtains, gallery, volunteers), Neil for being my AdWingMan during the show. Boulet for being a Super Trooper for the fans… of which I am one. Annie for being Annie. Friends for sympathizing for my condition. Customers who dug what we do and showed the support by picking up some of our stuff. I honestly hope I don’t make you sick.

Noirness: Boulet spent around 3 to 5 minutes doing a sketch for anyone who purchased the comic. That might not seem like a lot, but multiply that by 100 copies, and that is two full days of sketching. And each sketch was wonderful. Just go search on instagram or twitter.


Purchases: I am proud to say I was the first purchaser of new-comer Gregory Bentons “B+F”. I think he’s going to go places. ;) Speaking of going… Going into the show, I knew I wanted Lisa Hanawalt’s new one. I mean, I knew I wanted it before, but when Tom did that punk review, I just had to have it. She did a kick-ass sketch inside, too. Boobs and all. I also wanted Dash’s new comic since, well, I spent many years at CC. I also got some surprises at the show, and even managed to miss some things, par the norm.

I like that the Society sent an email right after the show. That’s a little touch that goes a long way in my book. Also, they’ll be sending a survey at some point, which is a BIG thing in my book. Because we were all watching this show, and hoping it would be that good, I kept a running list of good things and bad things about the show. I’ll tell them both, since I feel we have that type of relationship.

I don’t really have that many pictures, since I wasn’t feeling that well. I suggest checking the Out of Step Arts report when it goes live, since we were buds for the weekend. OK. I better get back to it. Love ya.



Vote Harvey…

March 18th, 2013

…Kurtzman, that is!

(photo credit: Dustin Harbin at one of the previous Harvey Awards ceremonies.)

I’ve talked about awards here and there before. They are somewhat of a double-edged sword. Do they help? Sometimes? I mean, honestly, I can’t point to sale of a book and say “SEE! It was because it won XYZ award!” But I digress…

I am VERY proud of the work we produce. Last year we trudged along and put out some of the best work of any of our years. Some people took note and others did not. So, here’s your chance to help make your opinion heard (AdRock THE VOTE!).

If you “work” in the “industry” (and come on, who doesn’t?) You can go to the Harvey Awards website and nominate any of the work we produced last year if you feel it deserves it. I feel it does, and I have voted as such.

Deadline to vote is May 6th.

To help you remember what we produced, I’ve posted the work below, with what I consider the category it should be considered. Note that the links I’ve included will take you to the works webpage where you can review the work if you are not familiar with it.

Best Cartoonist:
Cartoonist: Ethan Rilly / Title: Pope Hats

Best Graphic Album – Original:
Title: American Barbarian / Publisher: AdHouse Books

Best Single Issue or Story:
Title: White Clay / Publisher: AdHouse Books

Special Award for Humor in Comics:
Writer/Artist: Lamar Abrams / Title: Remake 3xtra

Special Award for Excellence in Presentation:
Title: Notebook / Publisher: AdHouse Books

OK. That’s all I got. Thanks for thinking of us and the work we create. Excelsior…

SUPERMAG in May from AdHouse Books

February 24th, 2013

SUPERMAG in May from AdHouse Books

by Jim Rugg & Various.
Published by AdHouse Books

SUPERMAG is Jim Rugg’s latest print project… a glossy, magazine-format collection of “narrative collapse.” It showcases his interests in genre, irreverent humor, graphic design, drawing, and typography. SUPERMAG features new work as well as collecting the best of his recent anthology contributions.

56 4C pages
8.5 ” x 11 “SC
$9.95 US funds
ISBN 978-1-935233-22-0
Shipping May 2013
Diamond Order Code: MAR13 0766

Download a PDF preview

AdHouse’s Page

Darkness part Deux. aka Noirness.

February 21st, 2013

A funny thing happened on the way to the printers…

Someone suggested we might not want to call our Darkness comic Darkness.

And hey… I get it. I usually do a search to make sure we’re not to close to a previously published comic property. I guess life has been too busy, or this project was moving too fast… or I just forgot.

Anyway… even though the files were at the printer, nothing was printed yet.

So, ladies and gentlemen… may I reintroduce Noirness.

Asbury Park + MoCCA + TCAF + Phoenix = :)

February 18th, 2013

Or… SHOW me the way. (cue Peter Frampton) (gettit?)

Color me crazy, but AdHouse Books will be hitting the road to attend both the Asbury Park Comicon, Society of Illustrator’s MoCCA Art Fest, Toronto’s awesome TCAF and the Phoenix Comicon this spring!

I guess the crazy part is that the first two are back-to-back weekend shows, the third is in another country… and the fourth is almost clear across the good ol’ US.

We decided to do the Asbury show because it seemed like it had the right vibe. Having previously been held in a bowling alley, we heard nothing but good things from prior guests. So, why not?

Now, the MoCCA Art Fest was a tougher decision. Having been spurned by the previous promoters, we had to give it some hard thought as to whether or not we would return. Slowly, but surely, we kept hearing good things. First they had formed a steering committee including like-minded publishers Secret Acres. Second, it was now being run by the Society of Illustrators… who we have always loved. So, after talking it over with a few friends, we decided it was time to make our return. It also helped that Boulet was coming over and wanted to publish a comic with us.

TCAF? If they’ll have us, we will try and make the trip. It’s that good of a show. Last year AdHouse central was moving, so we sent good ol’ American Barbarian in our place. This year, we’re happy to return!

The Phoenix Comicon? Well, we were on the fence for a little while… but then they went and announced the 20th anniversary of Babylon 5. Heh. We are HUGE B5 fans at AdCentral. On top of that, our pal Matt Wagner was going to be there. And then AdBuds Jim Rugg and Tom Scioli are making the trip. So… if you are a left coaster, try and swing by for this show. It looks awesome!

So, look for us at Asbury Park Comicon on March 30, the MoCCA Art Fest on April 6 & 7, TCAF on May 11 & 12 and the Phoenix Comicon from May 23-26.

(Of course we’ll be hitting HeroesCon in June, but we’ll be back for a Summer blog post before then.)