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Project: Telstar

Project: Telstar
by various.
Published by AdHouse Books

The first anthology offered by AdHouse and dedicated to stories about robots and space. Some noteworthy items about this book: Gregory Benton's submission will be a total of 23 pages! The inside will be printed with a second special blue metallic ink! There will be three portfolio sections that contain illustrations from award-winning designers.

Creators: Gregory Benton, Dave Cooper, Mark Burrier, Nick Derington, Doug Fraser, Tom Gauld, Sam Hester, Bernie Mireault, Scott Morse, John Pham, Chris Pitze, Dave Plunkert, Joel Priddy, Vincent Stall and MANY MORE!

4C cover
192 2C pages
6" x 9" SC
$16.95 US funds
ISBN 0-9721794-2-9

out of print

Project: Romantic
Project: Superior


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